About Us


21Tulips is a witty lifestyle blog that was created to inform and entertain modern women and busy moms.  D.D. Kellington set out to write relatable stories about motherhood, travel, and shopping.  Being a mother, losing a mother and writing her first book, Welcome to L.A., Adventures in La La Land, has led D.D. to want to share her humorous stories and observations that empower fearless and fabulous women.  D.D. Kellington was invited by Arianna Huffington to blog for the Huffington Post.

This blog is named 21Tulips because the tulip flower’s general meaning is “perfect love”. These beautiful flowers represent elegance, grace and announce renewal of a new season and new life.  The number “21” represents a creative spirit, rebirth, new beginnings, rising out of the ashes and optimism.

If we could possess and give perfect love like that which the tulip represents, the world would be a much kinder place.  And if we could see that like the dormant bulb, quiet in the earth, holding life that will spring forth when the time is right, we might also be inspired to bloom.  Our motto is; Grow and be fabulous!

When will it be your time to spring forth and claim the new life that is waiting inside you?

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